Few buildings stand
the test of time
like this one.

For most of those that do, it’s often determined by how they’ve been built— and how they’ve been used. Meaningful buildings seem to have a life of their own, an aura that enables you to sense more than just the physicality of the place, but it’s spirituality as well. You actually feel the history coursing through the space. You can close your eyes and hear Mr. Burdette speaking respectfully to his staff, or hear the regular customers discussing the oppressiveness of a particularly hot summer.

Kids and grandkids and great-grandkids ran through this place and helped make it work, thousands of Simpsonville residents did business or chewed the fat here, African-Americans were treated here with more grace and respect than was usual back in those days, and the Burdette’s took the time to listen to, care for, and demonstrate respect for all of their neighbors

History shapes us. It has shaped this building and it has helped shape Simpsonville. And what we have learned from this building, and from the Burdette family, is to let people know that they matter and that their business is always appreciated.

That’s a part of the DNA of this building. And we will make sure it remains so.


Burdette Central
104 E Curtis Street (at the corner of Main St. and E Curtis St.)
Simpsonville, SC 29681